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Wercore Cleaning and Pest Control Services LLC was formed in 2013 with the intention of providing affordable, efficient and ecologically sound pest management and cleaning services in Dubai, UAE and the surrounding communities. Since our inception, we have made a concerted effort to be socially responsible and are dedicated to using environmentally friendly products and processes. We will continue to advance our green practices to ensure the safe, responsible, and sustainable use of our resources. Wherever you need help with pest control throughout the Dubai Wercore have local pest control technicians near you. If you are looking for cleaning services or Hygiene we also have a specialist team near you. We focused to provide the best Pest control, Cleaning and Hygiene Services.

The name itself you can trust, Wercore a trusted core team. We care Beyond…


At Wercore, we believe that in order to provide you with the best service, we must come equipped with an expert team, innovative technology and the most effective products.
Our goal is “to be the best service provider, who provides integrated, quality services in the area of Pest Control, Cleaning and Hygiene. With decades of experience and education, let our experts provide you the best services…”


With the hundreds of product choices available to professional companies, it can be challenging to find just the right products. At Wercore, we are up to the challenge and review new products regularly to see if they fit into our strict product requirements. We have a range of unique, innovative, non-toxic solutions to control pest activity and provide ongoing protection. The pesticides, disinfectants, and cleaning agents (bio/chemical) we use meet the International standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Dubai Municipality and UAE Ministry of Environment and Water that best meet our goals of effective, safe and eco-friendly Cleaning services, Pest control alternatives and Hygiene services.


All Wercore team members undergo thorough background and reference checks before we accept them as one of our own. Then they progress through the public health pest control section of Dubai Municipality, Dubai Municipality Food Control Department, special training for pest control, cleaning, water tank cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization. Our in-house training program exceeds all state and federal requirements. All of our staff including technicians, cleaners, engineers, field experts, and entomologists is highly trained and qualified. This is all in an effort to provide the best people to solve your pest, cleaning and hygiene problems. We believe our customers deserve the best-qualified technicians to protect their families and investments


Combining the best people with the best products ensures that you receive the best service to protect your commercial and residential property. Wercore offers professional services to scrub your worries away. Our skillful technicians are fully equipped and professionals. 

We provide apartment Deep Cleaning Services, Villa Deep Cleaning Services, Building Cleaning Services, Water Tank Cleaning Services, General Pest Control Services, Commercial Pest Control Services, Residential Pest Control Services, Termite Control Services, and Sterilization & Disinfection Services in Dubai since 2013, so we are the best Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai and best Pest Control Company in Dubai.

We are confident in our People, Product, and Services, that’s why we can guarantee our services. So we will be one of the best pest control companies in Dubai’s commercial pest control services and residential pest control services market.

For some reason, your problem persists after our service, we promise to come back and finish the job, no additional charge! 

Our service is available 365 days and round the clock.

The bottom line is that we keep our promises to you
Best People, Best Products, Best Services and the Best Company

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