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Team Wercore Professional, Municipality Approved, best Termite Control Service Company in Dubai offers both residential and commercial Termite Control services by strictly following the (IPM) Integrated Pest Management program for the successful eradication of pest-related issues. 

Wercore focuses on proactive and preventative Termite Control Services in Dubai to keep your home safe from pest invasion year-round.

If you’ve recently been finding a termite issue or disgusting pests in your home or office it might be time to consider hiring a termite exterminator to do an anti-termite treatment and pest control services. Termites can eat away your furniture, cupboards and any wooden objects you might have in your home. A termite infestation can be disastrous if not tackled on time. 

The best way to get rid of termites is to hire a professional pest control company. Hiring a professional termite exterminator will not only help you get rid of the termite infestation on hand but will also provide you with tips and tricks to prevent such an infestation in the future.

We Wercore the best pest control company in Dubai will inspect your home and property to determine the best solution to reduce and hopefully remove all the pests from your home, yard, office and anywhere else you so desire to be pest-free.

We have set global standards in Pest control cleaning and Hygiene services we have been striving towards service excellence and have many clients that are with us for over 10 years. These helped us to be one of the best anti-termite treatment companies in Dubai.


  • We care about the environment by using the best anti-termite chemicals.
  • IPM (Integrated pest management) standard will help us to become the best Termite control service company in Dubai.
  • Our Customized plan will help you to choose a cost-effective anti-termite Treatment Company near you.
  • Our Certified Professional Specialists are experts in doing termite treatment. That’s why we can provide you with 100% guaranteed service.
  • 24 x 7 Service schedule.
  • Annual free re-inspections.
  • Schedule your Fast Free Termite Inspection. We will provide you exact report after our free detailed, thorough site inspection.
  • Detailed, thorough inspection – inside, outside, over and under.
  • Treatment options are based on your property’s needs.
  • Annual free re-inspections to ensure no new termite activity has occurred.
  • Our comprehensive report will help you to do the best and most cost-effective anti-termite treatment service.


  • Termites are considered to be one of the most destructive pests in the world. 
  • Termites are secretive pests which can already be on your property without you realizing it. 
  • They can be living and working on your property for many months before you spot any sign of their presence and by that stage they may already have done a lot of damage. 
  • Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year in the world, that costs not typically covered by owners’ insurance policies.
  • Termites have almost 2500 Species in the World. In UAE we can see almost 40 Species. 
  • Termite colonies can chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Homeowners should have their property professionally inspected for termites once a year to prevent infestations and costly damage.
  • The total weight of all the termites in the world is greater than the weight of all the humans in the world.


Subterranean termites are most commonly found across the UAE and they are sometimes called “White Ants” due to some similarities. They are a highly destructive timber pest, causing major structural timber damage to domestic and commercial buildings all over the country. Termites were available in areas with varied conditions of climate, vegetation and soil types.

The Subterranean Termites tend to live in regional colonies and in secluded places which can contain up to millions of members. The colonies of these termites are categorized into different classes depending upon their work, such as workers, soldiers and representatives.

The Subterranean termites live in underground conditions and are usually in contact with the soil. They build tunnels through the soil to reach for food items. Like other termite spaces, they tend to feed on products containing cellulose. They also swarm in groups in the spring season to start new colonies.

Main indications of Subterranean termites

  1. Frass (Termite Droppings)
  2. Hollow sounds from wood when tapped.
  3. Cracked paint on wooden surfaces.
  4. Mud tubes on walls (especially on the home’s exterior)
  5. Discarded wings or swarms of insects around your home.

Prevention of Termites

Termites showed host preference for dead, living, or decaying plant materials and non-cellulose materials

  1. Reduce moisture around your Houses. Termites are more likely to infest a building if they find water conveniently located near a structure, so keep gutters clean, maintain downspouts and Fix water sprinklers away from the walls of the house. One of the most common methods is to divert water with properly functioning downspouts, gutters, and splash blocks and ensure that water does not lay in a stagnant condition near your home.
  1.  Keep wooden articles from the soil, which limits the presence of subterranean termites. Move Stored Wood and Cellulose Products away From Buildings


Treating termite before construction can help you defend against possible claims in the future. Construction specification for several projects demands the protection for termite in their finishing’s and several others request termite free environment.

Termite treatment in pre-construction stages includes several procedures that must be done to ensure an area of termite-free construction. Treating the soil before any slab placement with insecticides is the most common method of termite treatment. This will form a chemical anti termite barrier between ground slab and masonry that will prevent the insects to approach the building.


Post-construction termite control is the job carried out to an existing building, this job can be carried out as proofing against termites or when termite activity is spotted within the premise. Which includes drilling around the premises and injecting pesticides inside the drilled holes to form an anti-termite barrier around the premises?

This job is done by creating a termite barrier around the premises, a termite barrier works so effectively because it creates a chemical barrier around the entire perimeter of a home or building. Because all entry points are protected. 
Depending on the structure of the premises, the exact requirements for each barrier can differ.

  • Drilling and Injecting
  • Trenching and Flooding   

Authorities in the UAE made it obligatory to have a Pre-Construction Termite Treatment prior to construction of any commercial or residential property, which works as a great prevention method.

Contact Wercore Pest Control customer care representative for more details on selecting the proper Pest removal method for eliminating the Pest infestation on your premise.

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